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Hair and Textiles 2005 Hair paper Florence 2010_Ciesielska_Garments 2010 Ciesielska Textiles 2009 Ciesielska Textiles 2007 Fibers and Textiles 2006 Hair laser Proceedings SPb 2005 Hair Proceedings SPb 2008 Hair Proceedings SPb

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2007 Responses of people to the mobile phones 2008 Measurements at Crop Circles with Electrophotonic Technologies 2004 EMF influence 2008 EPC_GDV Measurements during Sun Eclipse_1 2007 Hacker FKM OnlineVersion 2007 Hacker Geopatic Zones

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2011 Human Energy Field 2007 Lutz Rabe_EPC_GDV 2011 Nataliya Kostyuk_International Journal of Biomedical Imaging 2004 Kononenko-altered coronas 2002 Rubik Scientific Analysis of the Human Aura 2004 J Ovens 2010 Standard Procedure of measuremetns 2010 The 3-fold Way and Consciousness Studies 2004 JACM BioEntropy 2001 Korotkov_Korotkin_JAPPF

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GDV ELECTROPHOTONICS SCIENTIFIC BASIS What does the EPC method measure in physical terms?


Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov Konstantin G. Korotkov, Ph.D., Professor Konstantin Korotkov has the following positions:

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