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2007 Responses of people to the mobile phones 2008 Measurements at Crop Circles with Electrophotonic Technologies 2004 EMF influence 2008 EPC_GDV Measurements during Sun Eclipse_1 2007 Hacker FKM OnlineVersion 2007 Hacker Geopatic Zones

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2005 Direct Vision article 2005 Rubik-Brooks qigong GDV-EBM 05 2000 Anufrievs Paper in Ljubljana 2008 Baikal Water Ceremony 2004 GDV Measurements of the Effect of Intent on Water 2009 Subtle Energy_Emotions_Korotkov etal 2010-Healing Experiments ISSEEM Conference 2011 Non-Local Consciousness Influence to Physical Sensors 2001 Review of Subtle Energy Measures 2002 Rubik Scientific Analysis of the […]

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